Property Tax Refund

The Homestead Credit Refund (for homeowners) is intended to provide tax relief to those whose property tax is relatively high compared to their household income.

Renters may also qualify for a property tax refund.  Your refund is based on your household income, number of dependents, and how much property tax you paid through rent on your principle residence.  For this refund, 17 % of the rent you paid in 2017 is considered your property tax paid.

Homeowners may also qualify for a Special Refund if their net property taxes increased by more than 12% from the previous year and the increase was at least $100.00.

To determine if you are eligible for the Homestead Credit Refund, you must complete form M1PR.
The instructions and M1PR form can be found on the Department of Revenue website.

The due date for the M1PR is August 15, but returns will be accepted and processed thru August 15 of the next year. 

You may contact the Department of Revenue by phone at 800-652-9094 or 651-296-3781.