Recording checklist for submitters

All Documents

  • Document Dated
  • Document Signed
  • Acknowledgement needs:
    • Date
    • Legible Notary Seal, Notary Signature, Notary Expire Date
    • Names and Marital Status (Single or Husband and Wife) of signatures acknowledged
    • If Corporate acknowledgement (business name, who signs & their title)
  • Legal Description (check for completeness and accuracy)
  • Filing Fees--$46.00 per Document
  • Grantor and Grantee information
  • Draftsman Statement
  • White out is unacceptable on any legal documents

Transfer Deeds

  • State Deed Tax included
  • Name & Address where tax statement should be sent.
  • Delinquent taxes must be paid
  • If split in a tax parcel – all current year taxes must be paid
  • If applicable, statement regarding "total consideration for this transfer is $500 or less" ( Deed tax of $1.65)
  • Completed Well Certificate or well statement
  • CRV (Certificate of Real Estate Value) should be attached when applicable

Miscellaneous Documents

  • Correction Documents (need to have new signatures and new acknowledgement along with a correction statement indicating the correction being made)
  • Mortgage Registration Tax Included
  • Warranty Deed completing a Contract for Deed must have a well statement signed by the buyers or a Well Certificate