Deed Tax

Deed tax is imposed on each deed by which any real property in Minnesota
is granted, assigned, transferred or otherwise conveyed.
Deed tax applies against the net consideration
The tax amount is determined by multiplying .0033 times the consideration amount.
If the considerations is $500.00 or less, the minimum deed tax is $1.65.
The deed tax must be paid at the time of recording the document. 
Deeds subject to Deed Tax:   Deeds exempt from Deed Tax:
- Warranty Deeds
- Quitclaim Deeds
- Deeds to set up Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in 
- Deeds to Terminate Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in
- Deeds for the Exchange of Property
- Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure
- Deeds for the Assignment fo Sheriff's Certificate
  of Sale
- Deeds for the Sale from an Estate by a Personal
- Deeds conveying ownership by Eminent Domain
   through Negotiation
- Deeds for Gifted Property
- Corrective Deeds
- Deeds for Severed Mineral Rights
- Deeds for Standing Timber
- Certificates of Redemption: Creditors
- State Deeds for Tax-Forteited Land
- Deeds to or from the federal government of any
  agency or instrumentality thereof
- Deeds between the parties to a marriage
  dissolution pursuant to the terms of the
  dissolution decree.
- Deeds conveying a cemetery lot or lots.
- Deeds by a personal representative distributing
  the decedent's property according to the terms
  of the will or probate court order.
- Deeds between co-owners partitioning their
  undivided interest in the same piece of property.
- Deeds or other instrument of conveyance
  issued pursuant to a permanent school fund
  land exchange under M.S. 92.121 and related
- Deeds or other instrument which grants,
  creates, modifies, or terminates an easement