Department Description

The Office of County Recorder, formerly called Register of Deeds, was established by the Territorial Legislature as a depository for land records. At this time all land records were filed under the abstract system. The Minnesota Legislature enacted a statute in 1901 allowing registration of land in counties with over 75,000 inhabitants. In 1909 the act was amended to include the entire state and Registrar of Titles was added to our name. District Court controls the registration of land under the Torrens system, and directs the Registrar as well as appointing an Examiner of Titles as legal advisor.

Department Description:

The County Recorder is the custodian of all legal records pertaining to real estate in the county. County government is dependent upon taxation for its existence and it is the land that is taxed. All other county offices depend on the accuracy of real estate records. The public depends on the accuracy and current status of these records. This involves recording deeds, mortgages and approximately 400 different real estate documents.

In Sibley County the Recorder is also the abstractor for the county. An abstractor complies all the records pertaining to a certain piece of property in an abbreviated form. This is called an abstract. The Recorder creates new abstracts as well as continuing existing abstracts.

Certificates of Title are prepared under the Torrens system. The County Recorder is also the Registrar of Titles as an arm of the District Court in adjudicated title. Certificates are originated and guaranteed by the County.

Other records found in the Recorder's Office include military discharges from all branches of the armed forces; vital statistics of birth, death, and marriages (beginning in 1970); bond oaths and appointments of county officials. A Notarized Tangible Interest Form must be filled out before a copy of birth and death certificates can be received. Contact the Recorder's Office for more information. Passport photos and applications are also prepared in the office.

Individuals may record their Military Service Discharge here. No fee is charged for this service. A certified copy from our office can be used in place of the original.

Oaths of Office, land plats, Federal and State Tax Liens are filed in the Recorder's Office. The public may request certified copies of most documents filed in the Recorder's Office.