Water Planning & Wells

Water Planning

Sibley County adopted its first Local Water Management Plan in 1990. The purpose is to identify any water quality problems and look for ways to protect the waterways in Sibley County. 

Click here to view the Sibley County Comprehensive Local Water Plan.  

All of these programs are administered by the Sibley County Soil & Water Conservation (SWCD) office.  Follow this link to learn more  https://www.sibleyswcd.org.

SWCD office
112 5th Street
Gaylord, MN 55334
Phone (507) 702-7077

Well Improvement Loans
Sibley County is now offering low interest loans for well improvement! This loan program is designed to help Sibley County home owners with replacing their current well system with a newly constructed well. The loans may only be used to construct a replacement well and will also cover the cost of sealing the old well. This program is not available to newly constructed building sites and homes with no pre-existing well on site. The interest rate is a fixed 3% for up to 10 years.

For more information on well loans, contact Sibley County Zoning Administrator
(507) 237-4091     or     zoning@co.sibley.mn.us 

* To obtain a well permit, contact a licensed well driller

* For information on well management, visit the MN Department of Health Water Well Website

* For well water testing kits, contact either
                  Sibley County Public Health   (507) 237-4000
            or   MN Department of Health  1-800-383-9808   email: health.wells@state.mn.us

* For possible well history or location, check the MN Department of Health Well Index Website

Water Testing Services
1126 N Front St.  New Ulm, MN
(800) 782-3557
227 So. Front St.  St. Peter, MN
(507) 934-0644