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Geoffrey Beranek, Planning and Zoning Administrator

  • Planning and Zoning follows the Sibley County Zoning Ordinances (Article 300) and  Sibley County Subdivision Ordinances (Article 320) to administer regulations pertaining to permits and conducting public hearings on zoning requests.  
  • Planning & Zoning is also responsible for receiving and investigating environmental complaints and violation enforcement.
Please Note:
** FaxonTownship and Jessenland Township have their own Planning & Zoning Commission.  IMPORTANT:  You must first contact them regarding any zoning items prior to applying for anything with the County (see contact information below).  
** Green Isle Township has their own additional zoning ordinances. 
IMPORTANT:  If you are planning to build a new home, you must first contact them prior to applying with the County (see contact information below).  

Faxon Township Planning & Zoning Commission
Jim Baumann
22375 Crahan Lane
Belle Plaine, MN 56011

Jessenland Township Planning & Zoning Commission
(click to follow link to Jessenland Township Planning & Zoning website)
Martha Wavrin
P.O. Box 26
Belle Plaine, MN 56011

Green Isle Township

Gary Burdorf


• Land Use Application 
• Setback Certificate
• Variance Application 
• Conditional Use Application 

The steps to apply for any of the 4 items listed above will be as follows: 

1. The owner/applicant will fill out the Zoning Request Form and turn into the Property Assessing & Zoning Department OR email directly to zoning@co.sibley.mn.us
The owner/applicant can call the Zoning Administrator (507) 237-4091 for assistance in filling out the form. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL APPLICATION. There is NO fee due at this step. 

2. The Zoning Administrator will review the request form typically within 1 week. If all the necessary information is provided, the proper application will be prepared according to the information provided on the request form. The applicant will then be notified to come into the Property Assessing & Zoning Office to sign the application and pay the applicable fee. 
PLEASE NOTE: The Property Owner’s signature is required on the application. 

3. Upon receiving the property owner’s signature and fee, Sibley County Zoning will issue the land use application or setback certificate OR work with the owner/applicant to arrange the necessary meetings for a variance or conditional use hearing. 

Note: There are no changes to the process for septic systems.  Please click here to go to the septic page for information on the septic application process.   

Zoning Request Form

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2022 Sibley County Planning & Zoning Application Deadline/Meeting Schedule