Information of names has been gathered from "History of Minnesota Valley," 1882, having pages 410-477 for Sibley County; and from Florenz Seeman, register of deeds, and Julius Henke, a pioneer who came here in 1860, during a visit at Gaylord, the county seat in July 1916. 

ALFSBORG township, organized January 26, 1869, received this name of a district in Sweden by vote of its Scandinavian settlers.

ARLINGTON township, organized May 11, 1858, has a name that is borne also by a village in Virginia, and by villages and townships in 25 other states.

BISMARCK township, organized July 24, 1874, was named by its German settlers in honor of the great Prussian statesman, Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, "the creator of German unity." 

CORNISH township, organized January 25, 1871, received its name on the recommendation of J.B. Wakefield, who settled here in 1899, "in memory of his native town in New Hampshire."

DRYDEN township, organized May 11, 1858, was at first called Williamstown, but was renamed by request of Hamilton Beatty and other, he being chairman of the first township board of supervisors.  This name is in honor of the celebrated English poet and dramatist.

FAXON township, organized May 11, 1858, was named for a member of its town site company.

GRAFTON township, organized in September 1873, has a name that is borne by a county and town in New Hampshire.

GREEN ISLE township, organized May 11, 1858, received its name, referring to Ireland, "the Emerald Isle," by suggestion of Christopher Dolan, an Irish immigrant.

HENDERSON township, organized in 1855, was named by Joseph R. Brown, in honor of his mother and her father, Andrew Henderson of Frederick, PA.

JESSENLAND township, organized May 11, 1858, was "supposed to have received its name from the fact that Jesse Cameron was the first to arrive; it was for some time known as "Jesse's Land."

KELSO township, organized in 1858, bears a name that was originally given by A.P. Walker, a surveyor, which is of Scotch derivation, being the name of a town on the Tweed river in southern Scotland.

MOLTKE township, organized August 21, 1878 (the last to be organized) was named by its German pioneers in honor of the famous Prussian general, Count von Moltke.

NEW AUBURN township, organized May 11, 1858, was named by settlers from Auburn, NY.

SEVERANCE township, organized in 1870, was at first called Clear Lake, for the lake crossed by its southern line; but, because that name had been earlier given to another Minnesota township, it was renamed in honor of Martin Juan Severance of Mankato. 

SIBLEY township, organized July 9, 1864, was named like the county, in honor of General Henry SIbley.

TRANSIT township, organized in 1866, has a unique name, as if from the transit instrument used for railway surveys.

WASHINGTON LAKE township, organized May 11, 1858, bears the name of a large lake at its center, which "was so called from the fact that two of the first settlers on its borders were from Washington D.C."