COVID-19 What To Do If You Are Sick

Most people who become ill with COVID-19 have symptoms that start with a fever and a dry cough. Most people will have mild illness and get better without needing any special care. It’s important to stay home if you’re sick – even if the illness is mild — because we must protect those in our community who are more vulnerable to severe illness.

If you are sick: stay home, cover your cough, wash hands and surfaces frequently, try to separate yourself from other members of your household to avoid infecting them. If you feel you need healthcare, please call your healthcare provider before going to the clinic or emergency room — they will give you special instructions and prepare for your arrival.

Should I Get Tested For COVID-19
  • People who do not have symptoms should not be tested for COVID-19.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health is prioritizing testing for people who are ill and who: live or work in congregate settings (such as long-term care facilities), are at increased risk of severe disease, provide direct medical care, and provide child care.
  • Use Minnesota's screening tool to help you determine if you should be tested for COVID-19 "Should I get tested for COVID-19"
  • For a list of testing locations click here
Care For Mild Symptoms
  • People who think or know that they have COVID-19, but who are not severely ill, should stay home for at least 7 days, and for 72 hours after their fever goes away (without taking fever-reducing medications) and their respiratory symptoms improve --whichever is longer.
  • People with symptoms should isolate themselves from people in their household as much as possible.
  • People who live in the same household as a person with symptoms who is not able to be tested should limit their activities in public for 14 days and should monitor for symptoms.
  • People with underlying health conditions or who are older adults should contact their health care provider to see if they have additional recommendations for them.
Care For Severe Symptoms
  • Patients should seek care if their symptoms become severe. They should call ahead to their health provider when possible.