COVID-19 Vaccine

About the Vaccine  
  • Both Pfizer and Moderna indicated efficacy of 95%.
  • Both must meet strict and existing safety standards.
    • We know there are questions about how quickly these vaccines have been developed and making sure they are safe. COVID-19 vaccines went through the same rigorous clinical trials that other vaccines go through.
  • Takes two doses.
    • With these two vaccines, people will need two doses about a month apart for full protection.
    • You need to get the same vaccine for both doses.
    • After that second dose, it will also take about two weeks for your body to build up protection, so it’s about 6 weeks total from the first vaccine to when you should be protected. That’s another reason we can’t stop the masking and social distancing right away.
  • We know these vaccines are good at preventing people from getting sick, but we don’t have enough data yet to say whether someone who was vaccinated may still spread the disease to others. So, again, keep masking, staying 6 feet apart, washing your hands, and following other public health recommendations even if you are someone who gets vaccinated earlier.
  • Adults recommended now.
    • Initially these vaccines will be for adults only because we need more data on the use in children. Additional trials are coming to determine how the vaccines may work for those younger age groups.
  • Vaccine will not be required or mandated.
About Priority Groups
  • Minnesota’s new COVID-19 vaccine locator map connects people age 65+ to vaccination opportunities in their area. Enter your zip code or city to find vaccine providers near you. While the locator map is currently for seniors, it will expand over time as more Minnesotans become eligible for the vaccine. To read more about priority groups, click here.
  • Find My Vaccine
  • For more information regarding Priority Groups, please visit
To find a vaccination location for 65+, click here.

When Can I get Vaccinated?
Sibley County Public Health and Human Services wants the community of Sibley County to know that we will be reaching out to priority groups as they are identified by MDH as more of the COVID-19 Vaccine becomes available. At this time, there is no need to contact your Local Public Health department about access to the COVID-19 Vaccine; information will be shared as it becomes available to us. MDH’s phased approach will take some time and we ask that you please be patient as we navigate through the COVID-19 Vaccine phases and planning.

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